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Mission Statement

STAC was founded on three principals - Transparency, Integrity and Consistency. We started this firm with one simple goal: to help our homebuilding partners facilitate the American Dream of homeownership for families all over the USA.  



 STAC Capital will offer select builders the opportunity to sell and leaseback portfolios of Model Homes in a true sale transaction. In addition STAC will offer model home partners finished lot financing facilities. Each transaction is designed to meet the builders needs, lease terms are based on a number of factors each designed to facilitate builder growth.  

How it Works


Builder sells STAC a portfolio of Model homes then leases those homes for 1- 4 years.  Builder as Lessee pays for all insurance, maintenance and utilities (triple net lease). Lot financing  facilities vary by a number of factors including but limited to  development type and  counter party profile. ** 

 **terms are preliminary and subject to change  



In 2018 we began acquiring portfolios of model homes from private builders located in markets identified as having strong demand and price appreciation potential. Our research shows smaller builders own approximately $1.3bb of fundable inventory. In 2019 we began offering  finished lot financing to partner home builders. In 2020 we will begin to target larger private and public builders in order to gain nationwide exposure.

Why Model Home and Lot Financing?

Model home retention and finished lot takedowns can take up significant bank line and or equity capital. Builders can be more profitable and less cyclical if they can turn their capital more rapidly and productively. By financing these assets with STAC, the builders free up capital and reduce risk of holding them on balance sheet. The builder’s operations do not change as they operate the model homes and sell them as if they were owned by the Builder. The structure of each sale/leaseback agreement is customized for each home builder.   

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